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Registrations exporters and importers should be making in advance of No-Deal.

To keep businesses operating as usual in the event of a no-deal Brexit, HMRC are urging EU importers and exporters to become familiar with three new programmes.

The three programmes are:  Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI); Customs Declarations Service (CDS); Transitional Simplified Import and Export Procedure (S...

No Deal Brexit Tariff To Be Introduced?

The government’s proposed tariff regime to apply temporarily in the event of a no-deal Brexit is a mixed bag for the UK’s EU traders.

While the structure is undoubtedly well-intentioned and will cause some UK businesses to breathe sighs of relief, it also contains potentially significant weaknesses which could we...

Why the UK's Traders Should Continue No Deal Brexit Preparations

Our advice to the UK’s EU traders is they should continue preparing for a calamity no-deal Brexit.

There’s currently understandable relief among affected businesses at the extension of the Article 50 deadline agreed by the heads of government at the EU summit on 21 March. Howev...

Could the Government be About to Lose Control of the Brexit Process?

How will Yorkshires EU exporters and importers be affected if the Government cannot agree on a Brexit deal next week?

Tudor Freight, Leeds logistics and freight forwarding experts have advised Yorkshire’s EU exporters and importers to pay attention to events happening in Parliament on 27 February,...

Prepare for No Deal

At the time of writing, the outcome to the Brexit negotiations still remain uncertain.

Tudor International Freight has been assessing the possibility of a “no deal” scenario to ensure that businesses involved with movements between the UK and Europe suffer as little ...

UK Pharmaceutical Importers and Exporters - challenges of a 'no-deal' Brexit

The benefits of leaving the customs union may not be all they are cracked up to be for pharmaceuticals manufacturers

A popular dispute right now is whether the UK should ‘maintain its EU customs union membership in the long-term’ and the question is hindering the progress towards the country avoi...

Timing of new Customs Declaration System Not Ideal

Disruption for traders with the EU following any no-deal Brexit will be intensified by delays in introducing the UK’s new system for managing customs declarations.

This is because the key implementation period for replacing the Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) system with the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) could now be...

Brexit Uncertainty Continues

Following the House of Commons’ decisive rejection of the government’s draft withdrawal agreement, the UK’s EU traders and their forwarders, like ourselves, remain in limbo over arrangements following the UK’s departure from the bloc.

With only around 10 weeks to go until our March 29 leaving date at the time of writing, my organisation, its customers and other affected businesses remain very frustrated at the a...

"Norway Plus" Option is Least Damaging

The so-called “Norway Plus” option is the least damaging practical form of Brexit for the UK’s companies trading with EU countries.

At the time of writing, the draft withdrawal agreement and political declaration agreed by Prime Minister Theresa May and the EU Commission seemed almost certain to be rejected by ...

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